WhatsApp Spy Apk: How to Read Others WhatsApp Messages 2023

Do you know you can WhatsApp Spy your Friends or Spouse Messages without them knowing by using the WhatsApp Spy Apk? If that’s what you are looking for then don’t forget to check this article.

We are not here to cause havoc or a stir between both parties as this only for Educational Purposes. Check the Disclaimer for more.


  • WhatsApp Spy App
  • Two Devices
  • Internet Access
  • Patience

Steps How To Read Others WhatsApp Messages using WhatsApp Spy Apk.

Download and Install any of the following WhatsApp Spy tool below as both does similar functions

Get your Victim (Target) device. It could be an iOS or an Android OS but the monitoring device has to be an Android because this spy WhatsApp app.

Launch the WhatsApp Spy Apk you downloaded above and follow the onscreen options.

On Victim Device, Click the three dots at the top right corner > Select Linked Devices > Tap Link a Device. Point the Camera to the QR Code on the Monitoring Device.

Another Step

  • Open your Browser (Chrome Recommended) and open new tab.
  • Add New Tab.
  • Migrate the tab to Desktop Mode. – Click the 3 dots and Toggle On Desktop Site.
  • Go to WhatsApp Web , and Scan the QR Code with Victim Device.

After Successfully Login you would notice you can now spy WhatsApp online but this spying works on the spy protocol.

How To Know if your WhatsApp Messages are being Spied on WhatsApp Spy Apk.

If you are someone who check notifications easily, you would be able get to know easily. How can I know?

Check your notification messages to see if you can something like “WhatsApp Web. – WhatsApp Web is currently active“. If you get the notification then know your messages are at risk.

How To Stop your WhatsApp Messages from WhatsApp Spy Apk.

Follow the WhatsApp Notification, you would see the Device(s) that are logged in all you have to do is just tap it and select Logout.

Now you’re save from Spy WhatsApp.


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This Article is only for educational purpose as a knowledgeable fact and to keep you save and we won’t be liable of any misuse you may use this or misinterpretation. All article here including this is only for Educational Purposes. Get More Insight here

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