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Hurray! WhatsApp now lets you use your account on multiple phone in 2023

Do you know that WhatsApp’s multi-device feature now supports more than one phone?.

Users will soon be able to access their WhatsApp accounts from multiple phones. You can now sync one account across up to four phones as part of the company’s expansion of the multi-device functionality that it started testing in 2021 with select beta users. Meta, or Facebook as it was then known, announced that it had created new technology to sync messages across devices while maintaining end-to-end encryption protection at the time.

How can i access this new WhatsApp’s feature?

When you download the app on a smartphone and have access to the feature, a new “link to existing account” option will appear. When you press the button, WhatsApp will ask you to use your main phone to scan a QR code. To do this, go to the “Linked Devices” section of the Settings menu and select “Link a Device.”

Your “primary” device doesn’t have to be close by or turned on in order for you to receive messages and calls on a secondary phone thanks to the new syncing system. However, if your primary phone is inactive for more than 14 days, WhatsApp will automatically log you out of your other devices. From your primary phone, you can also manually log out of any companion devices. The company explains that because each linked phone connects to WhatsApp independently, your private messages, media, and calls are all end-to-end encrypted. Over the coming weeks, the new multi-device feature will be made available to all users.


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