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Twitter Blue!, Twitter finally gives Nigerians and South Africans access to Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is a paid, opt-in subscription that gives your account a blue checkmark and gives you early access to a certain services, such as Edit Tweet.

When Twitter Blue was introduced in June 2021, many people believed it would add a new dimension to how the social media platform’s user experience would advance. Elon Musk’s acquisition of the business, however, brought additional capabilities to the app, including the ability for practically anyone wanting to pay a premium membership to become verified—regardless of how well-known or important they were.

Verification changed from being free to being for sale when it was revealed that the much sought-after blue tick will be available to anyone willing to pay. Nigeria and South Africa were two of the nations that were unable to obtain the membership despite the fact that Twitter is available in those nations.

Users in Nigeria and South Africa discovered that Twitter Blue is now offered in their nations for 5,000 and R144.99 per month, respectively. Formerly, service subscribers in both nations used virtual private networks to connect to the IP addresses of other countries where the service is offered.

If customers pick the annual membership, Twitter will give them a 12% discount for users in Nigeria and a 13% discount for users in South Africa; however, the pricing for the subscription vary depending on the device. While those who subscribe for the web service will pay a flat charge of 3,650 and R144.99 per month, those who subscribe on their iOS and Android devices pay a flat rate of 5,000 and R200.00 per month.

For those who choose the annual membership, the costs are R1,519 and 38,500 for web access, and R52,900 and R2,099 for iOS and Android devices, respectively. This has been the standard mode of pricing across all countries that have access to Twitter Blue.

Many people are debating whether or not to sign up for the service for a blue tick, but some haven’t yet noticed it on their smartphones despite being in the location, all they can notice is that Twitter Blue isn’t yet available in their Country.

Features of Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue features give subscribers a way to improve and personalize their Twitter experience in addition to the blue checkmark. With the aid of these strong controls, you may customize Twitter and get early access to our newest features before anybody else. Tweet us your thoughts at @TwitterBlue.

To enhance your use of Twitter, Twitter Blue offers a number of features, such as:

  • Edit Tweet: You have a 30-minute window to make a select few changes to published Tweets using this frequently sought function. Use it to update information, tag someone, or rearrange any linked media. Only original Tweets and Tweets that contain quotes can presently be edited.
  • Bookmark Folders: Twitter Blue subscribers can collect and organize their bookmarked Tweets into folders for easier subsequent discovery using bookmark folders. You are given an infinite amount of private bookmarks and bookmark folders with Twitter Blue.
  • Custom app icons: You may modify how your Twitter app icon appears on your phone by using Custom app icons. Pick from a variety of vibrant options. Regularly check your settings for newly featured, time-limited looks.
  • NFT Profile Pictures: We’re adding NFTs as one of several ways to customize your Twitter profile, so you can show off your NFT collection in a hex-shaped profile picture on Twitter. Following a brief connection to your crypto wallet that allows you to set up an NFT as your profile picture, your digital asset appears in a unique hexagon shape that identifies you as the owner of that NFT.
  • Themes: Twitter Blue Themes let you choose from colorful options for your app theme.
  • Custom navigation: This feature lets you choose what appears in your navigation bar, so you get quick access to the content and Twitter destinations you care about most. You can select at least 2 and up to 6 items to keep in your bottom navigation bar or restore to default if you change your mind.
  • Spaces Tab: We’re testing a new interface within Spaces that gives easier access to audio content. The new Spaces Tab is a place to find podcasts, themed audio stations, recorded Spaces, and live Spaces. This feature test requires in-app language settings to display in English. It’s currently only available to Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS and Android devices, and a select number of people globally. Learn more about Spaces and this early access test of the new Spaces Tab.
  • Top Articles: Top Articles is a shortcut to the most-shared articles in your network. This feature automatically lists the most-shared articles from people you follow—and people they follow, too—so you can easily find the type of content you want to read. 
  • Reader: Make reading long threads more visually appealing. Reader was created to allow you to enjoy your threads with less noise. Turn on the Reader feature by tapping the reader icon at the top of the thread, or use it to change the size of your text.
  • Undo Tweet: Undo Tweet allows you to retract a Tweet after it has been sent but before it is visible to others on Twitter. It’s not an edit button, but rather a chance to preview and revise your Tweet before it’s broadcast to the world. When the Undo period expires, the Tweet is visible to your followers, and you can choose to leave or delete it as you normally would on Twitter.
  • Prioritized rankings in conversations: This feature prioritizes your replies on Tweets that you interact with.
  • Longer video upload: Share more content with your followers. Twitter Blue subscribers can upload videos up to ~60 minutes long up to 2GB file size (1080p) (web only). Learn more here.
  • Half ads: Coming soon!
  • Longer Tweets: Want to Tweet more than 280 characters? Longer Tweets allow Blue subscribers to Tweet up to 4,000 characters. You can also compose longer Tweets in a Quote Tweet or reply. Standard functionality like posting media, creating polls, and using hashtags still apply. Everyone will be able to read longer Tweets, but only Blue subscribers can create them.
  • SMS two-factor authentication: As a Twitter Blue subscriber, you can add another layer of protection to your account with access to two-factor authentication via SMS. Please note that availability of text message two-factor authentication for Twitter Blue may vary by country and carrier.

Learn how to use Twitter Blue features here.

*Not all features are accessible in all places or on all platforms. Features of Twitter Blue may occasionally change as we continue to enhance the service.

Availability of Twitter Blue

New Twitter Blue subscriptions are currently available only in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Philipines, and Vietnam. Some features are not available on all platforms. For the first 90 days, newly created Twitter accounts will be unable to subscribe to Twitter Blue. Twitter may, at our discretion and without notice, impose waiting periods for new accounts in the future.


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