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Turkcell Bedava Internet Browsing using WeTunnel 2021

Good day to the Turkey Turkcell Bedava Internet Users, in the Free browsing hunt for you guys we have decided to come up with something cool. This would be different from all other Free Browsing bug because it would used on WeTunnel VPN with Fast Private Servers Speeds.

Features Of WeTunnel.

WeTunnel is an Open Source SSH and SSL VPN (Virtual Private Network) Client which allows surfing the internet Anonymous and to bypass blocked sites and host freely.

  • SSH/ SSL, HTTP Proxy, Direct
  • Inbuilt Premium Servers
  • Reconnects and Connects Faster
  • Host Checker
  • Payload Generator and many other more.

Requirements for Turkcell Bedava Internet Browsing

  • Android Device
  • WeTunnel VPN
  • Config File .hub
  • Turkcell Internet Sim
  • Patience

Steps on Activating Turkcell Bedava Internet

Ensure your turkcell fatura ödeme sim card is inserted into your device either MiFi or Android. Download and install the WeTunnel app either from Playstore || Telegram Channel || 3rd Party Site

Now download the config file (.hub) for turkcell internet paketleri free browsing using the wetunnel app. You can either download the file from Telegram || 3rd Party Site

Importing Config in WeTunnel.

  • Open the WeTunnel App
  • Click the Folder icon in-between the settings icon and the 3 dots
  • Select import configuration and Locate where the file would be
  • If you download it from the browser check your download but if you downloaded it from Telegram then it would be in Telegram > Telegram Documents

Now that you have imported the file successfully hit the START buttion and wait for it to coonect, you can check the Log and see if there’s any error.

NOTE: You need to watch reward ads to avoid getting the VPN Stopped before when doing important stuffs.

How to Share Turkcell Fatura ödeme Internet Connection.

Now that you are enjoying free browsing on your Turkcell Bedava Internet SIM its time to share it with your PcC or another device. You can easily do that using PdaNet or EasyProxy, how to use it can be found here also download the apps from here


Having any issues using the WeTunnel VPN or the tweak is not working for you? Ensure to leave a comment or better still let us know on our Social Media Platforms. Don’t forget to rate our VPN 5 Stars on the Google Playstore.

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This article “Turkcell Bedava Internet Browsing with WeTunnel 2021” is only for Informational and Educational purposes and to alert the Internet Service Providers of Loopholes and Vulnerability in their server side. The User is liable of what he uses this to do.


Adedayo is Medic in Training, but his Love and Passion for Tech never dies. He has been blogging for over 3 years with the sole aim to Benightment Information to the Tech illiteracy. He is also a Web Designer, Android App Developer and a WordPress Expert who have designed lots websites and still counting. WhatsApp for Businesses -
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