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How To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android Seamlessly this 2023!

Did you just changed your phone or did you just made the leap from iPhone to Android, you might be worried on how to copy your data or transfer data from iPhone to Android

You’ll have a pretty long list of tasks to complete when switching from an iPhone to an Android phone. Switching operating systems can quickly turn into a hassle if you don’t know the most effective way to move your data, whether you’re switching to a new Samsung phone like the Galaxy Ultra 21 or a Techno, Infinix or Google’s Pixel 7.

In this post we’ll be guiding you with step by step process on how to transfer data from iPhone to Android.

Before you begin to transfer data from iPhone to Android

Google and Android support the sustainable reuse and recycling of devices. Learn more about Google’s commitment to the environment.

Tip: Before you recycle, donate, or trade-in your old device, clear your data and reset your device to the factory settings to protect your personal information. For data removal, trade-in, and recycling instructions, get help from your device manufacturer and mobile carrier.

Switch From an iPhone to Android

You can either transfer over wifi or you can also use a USB-C to Lighting cable to connect the two but i will recomend you use the latter option for faster transfer.

To start the transfer, open the Smart Switch app on your android phone. Your phone might take a minute to download the app.

Once you have it opened, you might be prompted to send or receive data. Tap Receive. Then, choose how you want to transfer: Wi-Fi or cable. Next, connect both phones with the adapter and your iPhone’s lightning cable – if you’re transferring over Wi-Fi, there’s no need to connect the phones together with a cable.

When you tap Trust on the iPhone, a message stating “Connecting to your iPhone” will appear on the android phone. You might be asked for your password if your iPhone uses encryption for backup. Your Apple ID password must be entered.

Your Android phone will then search for data on your iPhone. It may take a few minutes, after which you can select precisely the data types you want to import. Finally, press the transfer arrow. The transfer itself can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Once it’s finished, check your data on your new Android phone. Check the Google Photos app if you can’t find your pictures and videos in the Gallery app.


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