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South Africa Free Browsing for All Network 2021

Been Long we did added South Africa Free Browsing for our South African Readers, This article would enlighten how to browse freely on any network either the Telkom, MTN, Vodacom or Cell C without an active subscription by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocol.

We talk about how an VPN works and How to use one in one of our Recent Article, you could Check it out incase you have limited idea of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or want to learn something New.


Everything need a Procedure or a written down Steps to take before Starting. For Example “as a Science Student before doing an Experiment or Practical in the Laboratory we do write out the Apparatus we Using“, so also applies to everything.

  • Any South Africa Sim Card either MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom. Though this has been tested with a Cell C and MTN Sim Card Respectively and they both worked.
  • A VPN Tunneling App, we would use HTTP Injector for Android Users, iOS users could Suggest Tunnel Apps we can use.
  • The .ehi Configuration Settings which we would Share Later On.


Ensure your Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) is inserted into your Device.

Download and Install the HTTP Injector App from the Official Android Store (Google Play Store) as it is not available for Other OS (iOS, Windows etc.). Also Download and Install the V2Ray plugin for HTTP Injector from Google Play Store. Other third party Download Server is Apkpure (HTTP Injector Apk & V2Ray Plugin for HTTP Injector).

Ensure you Change the Tunnel type from SSL/TLS to V2Ray before Downloading and Importing the Config file.

Now Download the Configuration Settings for the South Africa Free Browsing from Our Download Server and Import it (Phone Storage > Download) following the Video Tutorial below. Video was Done about 2 years ago but still the same method in importing.

YouTube video
How to Import on HTTP Injector.

Now Click the START button on the top and Wait for it to Connect. Check the Logs to see if it connected or not and check your Notification Bar for the Key Sign or Connected Text.


If you an iOS user or you want to share with your PC or a Friend using another Android Device also or something else you can always follow the detailed Steps on this Article 3 Simple Steps on How To Share VPN Connection a video would be publish as soon as we can.


Not a South Africa User or Not working for You? Leave a Comment for any error encounter as our Support Team would be glad to help and render assistances in any areas you face inconsistency either in connectivity or area.

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This Article South Africa Free Browsing for All Network 2021 is only for Educational Purposes and to alert the Internet Service Providers of Vulnerabilities and Loopholes in their Servers Side, as We (Internetshub) would not be liable for misuses, damage You are Liable for your own Actions and Usage. Read Our Disclaimer Page for more Information.


Adedayo is Medic in Training, but his Love and Passion for Tech never dies. He has been blogging for over 3 years with the sole aim to Benightment Information to the Tech illiteracy. He is also a Web Designer, Android App Developer and a WordPress Expert who have designed lots websites and still counting. WhatsApp for Businesses -
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