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How to Power Whatsapp bundle for all networks with WeTunnel in 2022

Data can be very important to an average user, also it can be very difficult to keep purchasing. That is why the data tweaks and cheats we come across can be very helpful.

As a result, the WhatsApp bundle tweak on Internetshub for all network is unmissable.

Benefits of the Whatsapp bundle tweak

Meanwhile the bundle can be used for all network, the Tweak also ensures the bundle powers all apps and browsers. Isn’t it fun to surf internet all night long with just your WhatsApp bundle? below are all the benefits

  • Easy to activate
  • Peculiar to any network
  • Requires little airtime
  • Can be used for all app


  • An Android device
  • WhatsApp bundle activated
  • Wetunnel
  • Good network connection

Steps to power the Whatsapp bundle

Remember to recharge your SIM and purchase the WhatsApp bundle on your SIM by dialing the WhatsApp bundle short codes on your SIM

Ensure you downloaded WeTunnel VPN, if you haven’t then do that either From Google Playstore or WeTunnel Telegram.

Also download the Config File either From Telegram, it not compulsory cos you can select the Tweak on WeTunnel but we recommend because as of writing this we got numerous reports its not working when selecting the tweak instead of importing.

How to Import Files on WeTunnel can be Found here (including Video Guide)

WhatsApp bundle on WeTunnel
before connection
Activated WhatsApp bundle tweak
After connection

Click the Big Middle button to connect and wait for the button to become Green. If it does, turn on airplane mode, Check data balance and try again. If error persists, Feel free to leave a comment or hit us on Telegram Support with a Screenshot of the Log tab.


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