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Orange Cameroon Free Browsing via Droid VPN

This week we would be sharing Orange Cameroon Free Browsing via Droid VPN. If you are on our Telegram Channel you would have gotten the update earlier.


Droid VPN unlike any other vpn allows anonymous access to website or blocked server access to a particular website.

DROID VPN itself works with both UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) but mainly UDP protocols.


There’s no way we could jump to the steps of something without having the requirements or needed stuffs ready. It would make the Processes complicated if not satisfied.

  • Droid VPN or Troid VPN.
  • Orange Cameroon Sim
  • Internet Connection (4G preferable)


Insert your Orange Sim with Internet bundle into your Device (Android or Windows).

Ensure you have downloaded and installed Droid VPN either from Google Playstore or from Droid VPN Official Site.

Alternatively, you can use Troid VPN in replacement for Droid VPN. They both work on same principles of UDP, TCP, HTTP AND IMCP

Launch the Droid VPN, Navigate to Settings (by tapping the 3 slashes at the left top corner). Select UDP Settings and configure like be

Auto port Scan - Tick
Remote UDP Port - 6000
Local UDP Port - 0 or empty
Choose UDP Mode - Mode 1
TCount - 1
RCount - 65

Scroll side ways to see all photo illustration on how to configure Orange Droid Free Browsing.

Now navigate back to the main Home of the VPN and Select a Server or leave at random Server and Connect.

Orange Cameroon Free Browsing via Droid VPN

Within few Seconds it would connect. If it doesn’t be patient or try another server.


If this Works perfectly for you or need more Internet Hacks like this feel free to join us on Telegram or like our Facebook page.


This Article Orange Cameroon Free Browsing via Droid VPN is only for Educational Purposes as We (Internetshub) would not be responsible for any misuse it might cause.

It’s also to Alert the Internet Service Provider of Vulnerability in their Server Side.


Adedayo is Medic in Training, but his Love and Passion for Tech never dies. He has been blogging for over 3 years with the sole aim to Benightment Information to the Tech illiteracy. He is also a Web Designer, Android App Developer and a WordPress Expert who have designed lots websites and still counting. WhatsApp for Businesses -
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