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Good day, as we all know that this Tweak has/was Blazing hot some years Ago we back again to rekindle the MTN Free Browsing Tweak for the Nigerians.

Although this Tweak is for the low data or chatting users (those not in the heavy data downloader).

If you an heavy data user I will advice you purchase our Premium free browsing tweak from Jams of techloit by contacting on WhatsApp, at an affordable price and enjoy free Browsing for a month and more.

For other Free Browsing Tweak check here, daily update of free Browsing Tweak for all Countries.


  • MTN Sim Card
  • A stable internet connection
  • Http injector App,
  • and Patience.

Before I proceed to the steps please note that this data is capped at 50MB & 10MB respectively.


  • Inserted your SIM into your device.
  • launch the Http injector App (Download)
  • Import the config file provided (How to import)
  • After Import the config file hit the start button and wait for some seconds.
  • You will get a connected Message (☁️). (Check the log on the app to confirm)

MTN Free Browsing

Below are three different config files. 10MB, 50MB & Both together in one file.

For Open SSH Config files for MTN free Browsing Download from here.


Yes, it’s very possible to shared the internet connectivity not the data to another device by following the steps here.

If You want to enjoy this MTN free Browsing it’s advisable you get multiple Sims card as the 50MB & 10MB resets everyday.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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