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Good day once again, because we care about our Readers, we will be providing a our Readers at Ghana, MTN Ghana Free Browsing.

If You not a Ghanaian you could always check our Free Browsing Categories or Join us on telegram to get updated on any tweak released.

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I wouldn’t want to waste time, so let’s go straight to business.


  • Your MTN Sim With Zero data
  • Http Injector app
  • Http Injector config file.
  • Patience.

Many might wonder why only http Injector app? The reason is because it’s on of the best tunneling app and we have not created our own vpn app.

If You are an Android Developer and can create Android app don’t hesitate to contact me on telegram or WhatsApp.


This might be a little bit tricky and hard for the first time users but we will help simplify it, all you have to do is follow the steps to Activate the MTN Ghana Free Browsing.

  • Ensure you have Zero data balance on your sim card.
  • Insert it into an Android device.
  • Launch the http Injector app. Download it from PlayStore or Apkpure if you don’t have the app.
  • Import the config file (Download). If you don’t know how to import see guide here.
    • Note that the file is only valid for 30days and will updated frequently. For No expiring date own Check our Telegram Channel.
  • Now Turn On your data and hit the start button.
  • Stay calm and see the magic 😉 in the log tab. If it does not connect feel free to leave a comment we always be glad to respond to it.


Ok let’s Start with can the data be shared, yeah the MTN Ghana Free Browsing can shared via PdaNet. An App that allows VPN connectivity to be shared. You can see steps here.


The limit of the data as at now is unlimited. Please note that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can change it at any point in time.

I hope to see you reading our Articles again soon. And Feel Free to share to Share with your friends 😊. Cheers 🥂.

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  1. It worked very well but 30 min time, I’m finding it difficult to connect again

  2. And please we are grateful, we will need more Ghana ehi files please. Thanks and God bless you. Help me re connect anyway. Thanks

  3. Please I’ve tried that but still not connecting. Wanted to send you the picture of my logs but can’t. It always reads connection lost socket closed and expired something something. Could you please help me. Or get another unlimited ehi file in Gh. Thanks

  4. I have just tried that please but it’s still not responding. I have screenshot my logs on the http injector but can’t send it to you. It reads connection lost no socket and expiry something.
    Please help me out boss. Or if you could get us new ehi file for us Gh. And I’m facing this challenge with 3 brothers I shared with in Ghana here.
    Please help us out. Thanks. Would be waiting.

  5. I’ve now seen the real problem. It connects from 6a.m to 1pm. But the other times it fails to connect. Any help for us.

    1. Maybe it has deal with the host, or something is wrong somewhere 🤔. Why don’t you Message me on Telegram or you not on Telegram?

  6. Thnx. But I can’t send public messages on telegram. +233547820*** is my number or if I can get your number and then send you private message. Thanks.

  7. Please i think you guys have to work it out again.. it’s not working at all.. it keeps on saying reconnecting without connecting.

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