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MTN Accumulation Cheat: UPTO 100gb+

This MTN Accumulation Cheat:UPTO 100gb+ is quite simple and easier to do. Without wasting time get straight.


  • MTN Sim Card
  • Any type of Device
  • Patience


Insert Your MTN Sim Card into your Device.

Dial the Code *131*205# you will get a message from 131 saying “You have Successfully Cancelled browsing at #0.74. Please Dial *131*5*1# to buy a data bundle…”

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Now check your Data Balance Dialing *131*4# to see the Awoof. If it doesn’t show immediately type 99 – Next to see other messages


Continue trying the code *131*205# to get More and Accumulate MTN Cheat.

If you get an error like No USSD stuffs, or whatever just click ok and try it again till you get the above message “Successfully Cancelled…”


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This article is only For Education Purposes and to alert the Internet Service Provider of vulnerability on their server side as we won’t be liable for any misuse.

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