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MTN 1.5gb for ₦300

This MTN 1.5gb for ₦300 is a similar offer to the welcome back Data offer posted some months ago on our old domain name.

Here’s how it works.

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  • MTN Sim Card
  • myMTN Mobile (not compulsory)
  • Top-up card (minimum of ₦300)


First of all these steps or trick is sim selective and might not work or might work for you.

  • Get Your MTN Sim Card
  • Top-up your line with a minimum of ₦300

Using USSD.

  • Go to Phone or Dial pad
  • Dial *567*141#, you will receive a pop-up Stating ” do you want to buy 1.5gb for ₦300 “
  • Press 1 to Proceed to Activation
  • Alternatively,
  • Dial *121#
  • Select 1 > MTN Topdeals Offer
  • Input 1 ” Proceed” for MTN 1.5gb for ₦300

Using MyMTN Mobile App

  • Launch the myMTN APP (Download here)
  • Login if you have not.
  • Hit the Mega deal Zone
  • Proceed to click Topdeals
  • You will see a message saying activate 1.5gb for ₦300
  • Click Accept ensure you have ₦300 top-up card available as your balance.

Ensure you have the predefined top-up card and you try it you might be eligible till the next 24hours.

⚠️ If you never got anything similar to the above steps this shows that you aren’t eligible. Better luck next time.

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