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Mozambique Vodacom Free Browsing on WeTunnel 2022

Mozambique Vodacom Free Browsing on WeTunnel is to help those who aren’t Stable enough to pay sum of money every Month just to access their Favorite apps.

With WeTunnel you would be able access your favorite apps & website. Examples like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or YouTube and good thing is its Unlimited.


  • WeTunnel
  • Vodacom Sim
  • Fast Internet
  • Internet Accessible Device

Steps to setup Mozambique Vodacom Free Browsing on WeTunnel

Firstly Ensure you’ve Zero data and Zero Airtime on your Vodacom mobile Sim. This is to ensure you’re not Charged while using VPN To Surf. Turn on the Mobile Data of your Device or Connect via a WiFi.

Download & Install WeTunnel either From Google Playstore or From WeTunnel Telegram Page. Launch the App and Select any Country Server at the Server Spinner & [Mozambique Flag] Vodacom at the Tweak Spinner. Look at Screen Below as Guide.

Click the Circle button at the Top Center and wait for it to Show Connected and enjoy your Mozambique Vodacom Free Browsing on WeTunnel.

Once Connected, Minimize the WeTunnel VPN app and Check out the apps you like and don’t forget to add more time so your connection don’t get abrupted when you’re enjoying it the most.

But in a case of it not connecting, Lets know in the Comment Section or on Telegram and include a Screenshot of the Logs tab as it would help us respond faster.

Still Confused on How to Use WeTunnel? Read this Guide


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