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5 Tips On How To Keep Your Phone From Getting Too Hot

As we all know, we live in a world where we can hardly be without our smartphone, often times it might just be hard to keep your phone from getting too hot which might cause something like forced shutdowns, battery drain or anoy other issues.

We all rely on our smartphones to get by, but living in Africa, expecially Nigeria has some challenges that your smartphone can easily solve. The internal temperature of your phone is directly impacted by how hot it gets during the day, sometimes when the sun is schorching hot and if your phone’s internal temperature gets too hot, some internal component might begin to melt or change form and so to avoid that, we have come up with 5 tips on how keep your phone from getting too hot.

What Causes My Phone to Overheat?

Powerful smartphone components that are tightly packed in the body of your device are easily impacted by weather conditions, whether it be cold or hot, just like humans can get sunburn or dehydration. Your phone’s performance may suffer as a result of direct sun exposure without protection, forcing the device to shut down, and the battery life may be significantly depleted. The battery may even catch fire in extremely abrasive circumstances, or the internal components of your phone may begin to melt.

Phones overheat due to usage patterns as well as weather conditions. The battery has a lot of work to do when using power-hungry apps or when several apps are running in the background, which accelerates the battery’s rate of discharge. Your phone may overheat because batteries can’t handle working overtime, now let’s get down on tips on how to keep your phone from getting too hot.

1. Keep Your Phone Away From The Sun

Let’s say you were having fun outside and you leave your phone on the dashboard of your car on a hot day or in direct sunlight, the high temperatures acting as an external heat source will lead to overheating and possibly cause damage to the battery or delicate electronics. This might result in the phone becoming unusable and necessitating an expensive repair.

This is the first step you should always follow in order to prevent your smartphone from overheating. 

2. Take Off Your Phone Cover Or Pouch When It Overheats 

Remove your case to allow enough airflow to reach your phone because most cases tend to trap heat or contribute to its accumulation, unless it’s one of those thermal protection cases, your phone needs air to breathe, just like everything else on the planet, so if it starts to get too hot, take off the cover right away. Phone covers keep heat from escaping and trap it inside, which in turn raises the temperature of your smartphone. Your phone will cool down more quickly if you take off the cover.

If the idea of a thermal protection case piqued your interest you can order from Jumia, Ali EXpress, Amazon.

3. Turn Off Background Apps 

Oftentimes it might be hard to keep your phone from getting too hot, but you just have to follow the process in order to make sure you keep it from getting too hot and another tip to avoid overheating is for you to close unnecessary apps from the multitasking menu on your phone. As a result, your smartphone will work less vigorously and produce less heat.

4. Carry multiple devices separately

Do you have a single bag in which you carry your phone, power bank,, tablet and laptop? You must not. The likelihood of more heat being produced increases when you carry your devices close together. Make sure to keep them apart and give each device enough airflow.

5. Do Not Panic And Forcibly Trying To Cool Your Phone Down

Avoiding abrupt temperature changes will help protect your smartphone if it is already overheating. Many people believe that placing it in the refrigerator or freezer will stop it from overheating. You should never speed up the cooling process for your phone because this could cause condensation to become trapped inside and cause water damage. Extreme temperature fluctuations can also harm the device. Instead let your phone cool down naturally.


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