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How to import Configuration files on NapsternetVPN

Many a times, free browsing cheats and tweaks will be dropped in form of configuration files, it is now left to you to be able to import Configuration files on NapsternetVPN without stressing yourself. This is precisely what this post is going to be explaining. With pleasure, I look to explain to you how to import config files on NapsternetVPN app.


  • NapsternetVPN app,
  • The Configuration file you want to import,
  • Good internet connection,
  • Mobile device.
    All these are the only requirements to be able to use NapsternetVPN. So, Obviously it is very achieveable.

Steps to Import Configuration Files on NapsternetVPN

STEP 1: Download the file

The first of the steps will be to download the file from wherever you might be getting it. There is a good chance you may be getting it from a telegram group, or a Whatsapp group. Just be sure to download the file and keep note of the directory. The knowledge of the location of the file you download will be important if you want to import the file without wasting much time.

STEP 2: Launch the NapsternetVPN app and select Import

After opening the app, click at the top right corner of the interface, there you will see a further options to select from. If you are importing a cloud ID, there is an option for you there. In most cases you may be importing from a file sent to you.


Step 3: Select the configuration file at the appropriate directory and location

Due to the fact that the location of the configuration files may vary, you have to take note of the correct directory in order to be able to locate the file properly. For instance, if i am downloading from WhatsApp, the file location will most likely be as follows: Android – Media – com.whatsapp – Whatsapp-Media- Whatsapp documents. If you follow this path, any file that you download from WhatsApp will be located

Importing cloud config

In another case that you have a cloud configuration ID given to you, you can still follow the steps above and copy the ID into the required space upon request. When importing a cloud ID, some cases require passwords

A normal cloud ID will come in this form “f58d5e49-3a3d-4d1b-8d7f-e194397fd3d1


Step 4: Click on connect

This is the last step in importing the file configuration. After you select the file, the final step is to connect the file. If the files works then the VPN will be connected and the symbol will appear at the top of your phone.

The file that has been imported has reflected here, so we move on to connect directly
click on the play button, and the vpn connection will go through.


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