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How to Watch Premier League Soccer From Anywhere

How to Watch Premier League Soccer From Anywhere

The English top-flight season runs from mid-August through to mid-May. There was a short break from Mid November to Mid December because of the FIFA World Cup Schedules. This post will guide you on how to watch premier league soccer from anywhere.

What Teams are in The Premier League?

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Brentford, Brighton & Hove Albion, Bournemouth, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, Leeds United, Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Who has won the most Premier League titles?

Since the Premier League began in 1992, there has been 7 winners Manchester United have won the most titles with 13 wins. They are followed by Manchester City on 6 and Chelsea with 5.

In terms of the entire history of the English top-flight, Manchester United have also won most often, with 20 league titles to their name. Liverpool are a close second on 19, while Arsenal follow with 13.

Recent winners:

2021-22: Manchester City

2020-21: Manchester City

2019-20: Liverpool

2018-19: Manchester City

2017-18: Manchester City

2016-17: Chelsea

2015-16: Leicester City

2014-15: Chelsea

2013-14: Manchester City

2012-13: Manchester United

2011-12: Manchester City

The table-topping Gunners go in search victory as they host Southampton at the Emirate Stadium. After the teams at the London Stadium shared the points on last Sunday, West Ham dealt the Premier League title hopes of Arsenal a devastating blow. The Gunners are now only four points behind Manchester City in the race for the title with a game remaining after the reigning champions’ crushing victory over Leicester City.

With a four-point cushion at the top of the English Premier League, Arsenal will look to solidify their title credentials as play host to the Saints on the 22nd of April, 2023 at 12:30pm

While many pundits had earlier written off Manchester City’s hopes of retaining the league due to the Gunners impressive form this campaign but following Arsenal’s recent slump this month, the Citizens have shown the resolve of champions and have taken advantage of that with emphahtic derailing result against their rivals.

While the Premier League is still in Mikel Arteta’s grasp, the north Londoners must play their title rivals once more in what is shaping up to be a winner-takes-all match. On April 26, Pep Guardiola’s team will welcome Arsenal to the Etihad Stadium; the Gunners also have matches scheduled against Chelsea, Newcastle, and Brighton.

It will be intresting to know who will later end up to lift the English Premier League Title, for your conveniency we will guide you on how to watch premier league soccer from anywhere.

Below, we’ll outline the best live TV streaming services to use to watch the game live wherever you are in the world.

How to Watch Premier League Soccer From Anywhere using a VPN

Using a VPN can be helpful if you find yourself unable to watch the game locally and need to find another way to do so. By encrypting your traffic, a VPN is also the greatest way to prevent your ISP from slowing down your connection on game day. It’s also a terrific option if you’re traveling and connect to a public Wi-Fi network and want to add an extra layer of anonymity for your devices and logins.

You can access the game on your phone, tablet, or laptop by virtually changing your location using a VPN. Most VPNs, including ExpressVPN, make doing this quite simple.

As long as you have a valid membership to the provider you’re streaming from, it is legal to use a VPN in any country where VPNs are permitted, including the US, UK, and Canada. To stop leaks, make sure your VPN is configured properly: Even in jurisdictions where VPN use is permitted, a streaming service has the right to suspend or cancel the account of any user who obstructs properly implemented blackout restrictions.

How to Watch Premier League Soccer From Anywhere through Livestreaming apps or site

If you are in Nigeria, you can livestream from Yacinee TV App, or go to your web browser and search

How to Watch Premier League Soccer From Anywhere in Canada

You must have a FuboTV Canada subscription in order to watch this EPL match live in Canada. The service has exclusive rights to this Premier League season.

How to Watch Premier League Soccer From Anywhere in USA

This Season EPL fixtures is available for live streaming on Peacock. You’ll need a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus account to catch the game live. 

Can I livestream the Premier League in the UK?

No broadcaster in the UK is authorized to air Live Premier League games, due to the traditional Saturday 3 p.m. kick-off blackout, which prohibits matches being shown in the region at that time in order to protect attendances throughout the English football pyramid.

This also implies that, due to geo-blocking, it’s unlikely that someone in the UK who is traveling for business or pleasure will be able to watch the game as they typically would at home.

There is one option to get around this, however. By using a VPN, as explained above, you can set your location to a country where the match is being broadcast and go from there. 

Steps or Tips on how to stream the Premier League using a VPN 

  • Your experience and degree of success when streaming EPL matches could differ depending on four factors: your ISP, browser, video streaming service, and VPN.
  • Try using the “search for city or country” option if ExpressVPN doesn’t have your preferred location listed as a default option.
  • There are two things you may do for a quick repair if you’re experiencing difficulties getting the game after turning on your VPN and setting it to the appropriate viewing location. Check the address entered for the account to make sure it is an address in the appropriate viewing area before logging into your streaming service membership account. If not, you might need to update your account’s physical address. Second, some smart Televisions, such as Roku, don’t offer VPN programs that can be downloaded and installed straight on the Screen. Instead, you must set up the VPN on your mobile hotspot (such as your phone) or router so that any device connected to its Wi-Fi network now displays in the proper viewing location.
  • On their main websites, each of the VPN service providers we suggest offers clear instructions for rapidly setting up the VPN on your router. When installing a sports app from a cable network, you can occasionally be prompted by a smart TV provider to enter a verification number or click a link supplied to your registered email address. Because both devices will seem to be in the proper location, having a VPN installed on your router will also be helpful in this situation.
  • Moreover, keep in mind that even when utilizing a VPN, browsers frequently reveal a user’s location, so make sure you’re logging into your services using a privacy-first browser. Typically, we advise Brave.


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