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How to use WeTunnel For Free Internet in any Country 2022

I know y’all have been waiting for a tutorial or let me say a Guide on our to Use WeTunnel VPN, here’s one comprehensive on all the Features and how to use our VPN.

What is WeTunnel?

WeTunnel is an Android VPN (Virtual Private Network) app that allows you surf the internet anonymously & secured with the different location setup in the app. It also helps you access blocked contents due to country restriction or probably an IP Restriction.

Features of WeTunnel

  • SlowDNS Tunnel
  • V2Ray
  • SSH & SSL Tunnel
  • Coin Gifting
  • Night & Day Mode
  • IP Hunter
  • Host Checker
  • Hardware ID Lock
  • UDP & DNS Forwarder
  • Import & Export Settings
  • and lot more

App Info

Developer (Contact)Internetshub Tech ([email protected])
Current Version1.5
Required OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Release Date (Last Update)2022, May 18 (2022, Sept 6)
Download LinkGoogle Playstore || Telegram

How to use WeTunnel.

Firstly, you’ll need to download WeTunnel from Official Sites here. First time users would need to download a server update as it for new Tweaks & Servers, this is to prevent app update regularly cos Tweaks can get blocked anytime.

Select any Server you want or leave it at Random Server and for tweaks, Select your Country Tweak from the list of tweaks available. If you can’t find your Country Tweaks feel free to request on Telegram.

WeTunnel Connected

Some times we do post files on our WeTunnel Telegram page, in there you just import the file and make sure your Server & Tweaks is Imported Config.

WeTunnel Import Config

Click the Middle Circle button, that has a red icon. Once it turns green, then you’re connected. But don’t forget to add more time so you won’t be disconnected abruptly.

Still not Satisfied? We have a Video Guide below

How to Add Time on WeTunnel

  • Click on the Add Time button
  • A Coin Manager page would pop-up and Click Collect Coins – Free
  • An Ads would show, allow it to play finish, Each Video is equal to 2 Coins
  • You can Convert your Coin to Time once you’ve the required amount of Coins.

You can Share Coins with your friend, this work just like gifting your friend a gift. How is it done?

  • Click the 3 dots at the top right corner
  • Share Coins and type the amount of coin you want to
  • Click Share and Copy the Code
  • Send Code to your friend and let them Redeem it.

Redeeming Coin can be done using the following method

  • The Same 3 dots but instead of Clicking Share Coins, Click Redeem Coins
  • Input your friend code & Redeem. Please Note -There’s an expiry date to the Coin Sharing, i.e If you’re friend doesn’t claim before the Elapsed time then the he can’t Used again.

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