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5 Ways on How to Stream Football Matches For Free

Do you want to know how you can watch a soccer match live through your phone’s screen?  If you do, you’re in the right place.

The major challenge facing fans who want to watch their favorite teams play is the unavailability of streaming platforms to stream football matches for free.  Here in this post, we list some mobile apps and sites that can be used to stream football matches for free.

Caving in the fact that we are going to be discussing how soccer lovers can sit in their comfort zones and watch their favorite team play a soccer match using their mobile phones, tablets and even personal computers.

The advancement of technology has led to the eradication of the idea that you can only view matches in viewing centers or even in televisions, there is now opportunities to stream football matches even from the comfort of our phones.

The only thing needed to stream matches is mobile data and a pre-requisite knowledge of streaming and voila! You are already in the best football games of the year. Interestingly, there are a host of apps and streaming football websites that are available for android. These are the two ways we have for you about watching a live football game on your Android phone.

But below are the best ones we can recommend as apps that are good to stream football matches.


Follow these steps and see how you can watch a soccer match live if you use an app or website. However, you need to be aware that these steps can vary from other sites and apps as well.

But most platforms come in this format.

  • Get a strong data connection and choose your preferred live soccer website or app below and connect.
  • When the platform is open, you select the country where the competition is being held. For instance, in England, Spain, Germany, and other parts of the world, there are different soccer leagues.
  • Once you have selected the country, you now select your preferred soccer league. For example, England has the Premier League, Spain has La Liga Santander, Germany has the Bundesliga, etc.
  • Once you pick your favorite league, you’ll see which clubs are currently playing soccer. Then you select the game you want to look at and take advantage of your viewing time.


Right below are some sites you can make do with anytime you want to watch a live soccer match on your mobile phone and they are supported by both 3G and 4G networks.


SportRAR is a completely free platform for football streaming. It has an easy-to-use and responsive interface and enables streaming soccer games in HD quality. Apart from football, you can also stream tennis, hockey, and basketball games.

SportRAR also offers such perks as game analysis, live score, etc. Users get direct links to the streams, which is also great. This is an incredible option to watch games in high quality for free and without ads.

Watch Now on SportRAR


This is another compatible platform for Android phones, although people with iOS may also use the site well.

Stream Football Matches on hesgoal

With this site, you stand to enjoy a hassle and off beat free live football games whenever it is made available on the internet. In addition, you do not end up watching football live, but also receive soccer news regularly.

Live soccer on this platform is available. You can Watch Now


If you want a site, that you can use to stream football matches for free and enjoy the maximum levers, then you will find this site very suitable. They offer quality visual signage and you can take in your soccer matches every day.

The only problem with this site is that it is accompanied by a great number of pop-up advertisements. However, this is something you can eliminate.

So if you want to stream football matches on this site, visit Stream2Watch


These are apps that you can get from the Google play store and lunch on your phone and begin watching live soccer. After downloading the apps, the next thing is to enjoy unlimited streaming of football matches.

Among the apps that offer live streaming are Navmix app, beIN Sports Connect, and Live Net TV.


This particular app is used to stream football matches, it only runs on Android phones and it provides all live soccer matches with superb clarity. In case you don’t know, there are over 100 soccer channels available on this platform.

Stream Football Matches on NavMix

Some of the soccer leagues you can enjoy include LaLiga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, League 1, UEFA champions league, UEFA Europa League, and so forth.

However, the app is not open for download every time of the day, due to their schedule, if you want to get the app, download it from Google Playstore on 25th August 2022, as that is the next open date. The app is totally free, Download From ApkPure

BeIN Sports Connect

Did you know that you can enjoy an exceptional live soccer program from popular and local leagues around the world? Simply try this application and check it out for yourself.

You can enjoy live streaming video, scores, upload news, and other interesting things. The main language of this app is English and Spanish, unlike the other app which has plenty of languages. Among the soccer leagues, you can stream football matches in LaLiga, Serie A, Turkish league, Copa del Rey, CONCACAF, CAF World cup, Premier League, Bundesliga, and so forth.

With the help of any of the football streaming apps and sites,  you should be able to enjoy stream football matches from now, therefore feeling the ecstasy  that comes with watching your favorite teams play. With the 2022/2023 football season underway, you won’t want to miss any football action.

Lastly, if by any chance you can’t afford data subscriptions to stream the games after downloading the apps, kindly check the home pages for numerous data tweaks and cheats and even unlimited data browsing cheats for your consumption.


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