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How To Share a VPN Connection – Full Guide

Earlier in our Last Article we briefly talk about about VPN Connection but we talk about how to Share VPN Connection today since a VPN Connection is encrypted.

Majority of the internet cheat today are done with VPN apps so we decided to bring this up so to help users.


Many might ask why always requirements that’s because without a requirement it will be hard to gather all information.

  • Pdanet App.
  • Two Devices.
  • Patience and Brain.


We gave the Requirements before and now a backup to the Requirements we will be explaining.

For Android users you can download the PdaNet App from PlayStore or Pro Version from here

For Windows & Mac User (ie those using Laptop or any other similar) Download the app from here their website. or you can download the Pro Version from Here

Here is where the brain work comes into place.

You will need to Connect or Start your VPN app first before you can share the VPN connection.

We going to base mainly for the Android users but that doesn’t mean that the Windows users can’t follow this steps it will also work for them.

  • Install the PdaNet App you have downloaded earlier and launch
  • When you launch app remember to have connected you vpn app to the internet.
  • Now you could either share Connection via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi.

To Share Using WiFi which is what many uses click on WiFi direct hotspot it will pop up an information of WiFi name and password.

Launch PdaNet on other device and select Connect to a PdaNet Network, then open WiFi and input password given from the other device into the name given earlier. Instantly you will be Connected.

If on A Laptop, Launch PdaNet App and Select Join a Connection and do same steps as Phone device.Share VPN Connection

To share via USB, Click USB Tether and connect to the USB Connection.

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