How to Purchase Cheap Data on MTN

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Why do I need to Purchase Cheap Data on MTN? Recently have you ever been using data uncontrollable or the amount you spend on getting or purchasing a GB data is quite outrageous you would need this then.

What is Cheap Data?

This is one of the questions numerous of us ask. Cheap also means Affordable i.e Cheap Data means Affordable Data. You get Data Bundle at a low or zeei orice

Is it Legal to get Data at Affordable Price?

No it’s not illegal! As these cheap or affordable offers are provided from MTN Group of Services themselves, which means they know are about these offers.

How Can I Subscribe for Cheap Data on MTN?

Subscribing or getting these cheap data offers from MTN Nigeria is quite straight forward and simple all you have to do is dial any of the USSD Codes below.


Dialing the code above gives you about three different data offers ranging from ₦200 for 1GB to ₦500 for 2GB. Below are some of the offers and their direct codes.

₦200 for 1GB
₦300 for 1.5GB - *567*140#
₦500 for 2GB - *567*141#
How Would I Know if I’m not Eligible?

Yeah this Offer has Eligibility procedures, Not everyone is eligible and there’s no criteria to why one is not eligible.

If you dial the *567# code directly you wouldn’t see any of the pre mentioned offers earlier or you would see something similar to the photo below. It means you aren’t eligible for the Cheap Data on MTN.


*121# is another Offer code, Many of you would be conversant with this code as many of uses it daily.

These code allows you get different Offers from MTN not only Data Offer. Below is an illustration of how it looks like.

In the Data Offers here are some of the data you can get

₦50 for 200MB
₦200 for 1GB
₦500 for 2GB
₦1200 for 4GB
₦2000 for 9GB
₦3500 for 24GB (Recommended, this's what I use.)
₦5000 for 40GB
How To Know If I’m not Eligible.

If you’re not Eligible for any Cheap Data Offer on MTN using *121# you would get a prompt message saying “There‘s no Offer available now.

If you saw you are eligible recently and you no longer eligible you could just use the MyMTN App and Break eggs.


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