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How to Power MTN Opera Mini Data Bundle 2023

Recently, MTN Nigeria has partnered with Opera to give their users MTN Opera Mini Data Bundle (MTN Opera Mini Bundle as some knows it) which renews every 12am daily but we have found a trick to power it up so it can work on all apps and websites.

There are varieties of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) working to powerup this Opera Bundle easily. Below we would talk extensively on all these VPNs.

MTN Opera Mini Cheat

Glo User? Check out How To Power Glo Opera Bundle , Airtel User? See For Airtel Opera Bundle.


  • VPN
  • MTN Nigeria SIM Card
  • Patience
  • Opera Bundle

Steps To Power MTN Opera Mini Data Bundle

As we said earlier there are some VPNs that can Power MTN Opera Mini Data Bundle easily below are the list of some

  • WeTunnel
  • HA Tunnel
  • WT Tunnel Pro

WeTunnel To Power MTN Opera Mini Data Bundle

WeTunnel is one of the VPN that can be used to Power this Opera Mini Data Bundle and it is easier to use in the way you just need the Opera Mini Bundle Config File and you can download it from our Channel. You can download the App either from Play Store || Telegram.

A Guide on how to import and use this app can be found here

After downloading the app, Just Select any Server and MTN Opera Mini Tweak and hit the middle big button to connect.

MTN Opera Mini Bundle on WeTunnel

More Illustration and Video on how to use can be found here

HA Tunnel To Power MTN Opera Mini Data Bundle

We talked about WeTunnel & WeTunnel Above and now HA Tunnel. No Caps its still one of the best VPN of this time but we can’t say in the nearer future.

Download HA Tunnel Plus from Play Store || Telegram Channel now its quite similar to WeTunnel but a different design. You would also need to download the MTN Opera Mini Bundle Config File from here

  • Launch the App
  • Select Import File (can be found either by sliding the side bar or the 3 dots at the top right corner)
  • Locate the just downloaded .hat file most cases it would be in telegram documents or downloads.

WT Tunnel Pro To Power MTN Opera Mini Data Bundle

We basically don’t have more information on how to use it on this VPN but it similar to WeTunnelX. You can check their website on how to use.


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