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Recently, 9Mobile introduces a new Social Bundle known as the 9Mobile Tiktok Bundle. Why did I call it 12gb Tiktok Bundle? That’s because it’s the one of the best offer you can get subscribing to this Bundle.


  • 9Mobile Sim
  • VPN
  • Airtime
  • Internet Accessible device.

Powering the 9Mobile 12gb Tiktok Bundle.

Ensure you have inserted you Sim Card into your device and Ensure you have Airtime worth the package you’re going for.

The Packages includes as below, tap on any of the code to start the dialer.

100MB501 DAY*960*5#
250MB1002 DAYS*960*6#
1024MB (1GB)3007 DAYS*960*10#
2048MB (2GB)5007 DAYS*960*11#
5120MB (5GB)100030 DAYS*960*2#
12288MB (12GB)200030 DAYS*960*3#
SOURCE for TikTok Bundle 9Mobile Site.

Now you’ve subscribed, you would only be able to use it on TikTok App or Website Only but with the help of our VPN, you would be able to Power Up all.

VPN that Can Power 9Mobile Tiktok Bundle

TunnelSocks VPN

You can either download it from Google Play Store, Samsung Store and on our Telegram Channel. Size of the App is 3MB4MB depending on your device and where you download it from.

After Downloading the VPN, Refresh Server & Tweaks List by Clicking the Menu button > Select Check Update > Update Resources. You’ll see a Pop-up Similar to below, just click Restart App.

How To Power 9Mobile 12gb Tiktok Bundle - TunnelSocks

Now in the Server Side Select Any Country Server of your Choice, and in the tweak Side Select 9Mobile Tiktok Bundle and Click the CONNECT BUTTON.

How To Power 9Mobile 12gb Tiktok Bundle - TunnelSocks

Wait till you a Connected Message and Enjoy Surfing.


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