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How To: Make a Paypal Account in 2022

I decided to write my own e-book on how I successfully make a Paypal Account, actually two different account a business account and a personal account. But due to time not my side I’ll Summarize how I Created them both and Provide an e-book I saw Online and It worked also.


  • Internet Enabled Device
  • Good Network Connectivity
  • Phone Number (Optional)
  • ID Card (Optional)
  • Email Address
  • Debit Card
  • e-Book Guide

Steps to Make A Paypal Account.

As I said Earlier I’ll Link the Guide on how to setup a paypal account and make a paypal account by “Olujimi Metilelu” titled “How to Create a Lesotho Paypal

You can download the Guide From Here (It’s Free and should not be Redistributed as a Paid Product or Service)

Some Screenshot of How the e-Book Contains.

I’ll Attached my Recent Paypal Business Account Transactions Screenshot as a Proof. Following the Guide its would be easy setup a paypal account

business paypal account

CONS & PROS on How to Make A Paypal Account

One Benefit of creating a paypal account is you don’t need to buy Paypal Funds for those who understands the meaning, all you just need is to Pay with Card Provided its Linked already i.e Once you’re paying online for any product using your Paypal you will be charged from your Debit Card (Directly from your Bank) at your Bank Exchange Rate.

It’s a Lesotho Paypal (If you’re not from the Country there’s no actual risk tho)It’s Very to Use and No Charges
Limit on Debit Card (approx. $100/month). Depending on your Country and Debit Card.No Scammers or Buying of Funds (There’s no reason to look for people who buy or sell Paypal funds)
Inability to Link some Cards and Banks because it might not be your Country Paypal.Peace of Mind. You can even be selling funds to people who buy.
Paypal doesn’t allow another user in another country to own a paypal outside his country.Accepted Worldwide and Can be integrated on your Websites.

GREAT NEWS! Paypal is now in some other African Countries but I’m yet to Check it but i already have an account. If you’ve used one before let us know using the comment section.

If You’ve not downloaded the guide on how to create paypal you can do so following the link below.


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