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How To Hack Google Chrome t rex game Easily

Yeah we all know the popular Google Chrome T Rex Game that shows when we have no internet connection. Today I’ll show how to hack the Google Chrome T Rex Game easily.

One CONS is that this trick only works on Laptops, Computer and doesn’t work on Smartphones because of the Developer Option Inspect.

 Hack Google Chrome T Rex Game Easily

Let’s Drive into details.

Steps: Hack Google Chrome T Rex Game

Launch Chrome Browser ensure your data is turned off or you can go to this site – chrome://dino – to start the game even if your data is turned on.

Now on the Page, Right Click and Click Inspect or Follow the Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C or Ctrl + Shift + J. And Select the Console tab.

Chrome Developer Option Inspect

Now is time for Some Codes. Add the following code below

original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

Press the Enter Key. You’ll get something similar to the code below.

ƒ gameOver() {

    this.crashed = true;
    this.distanceMeter.achievement = false;

    this.tRex.update(100, Trex.status.CRAS…

Proceed by entering the Second and Last Code.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}

Enter again to proceed and if you get something similar to below just close the Developer Option Inspect.

ƒ (){}
Steps: Hack Google Chrome T Rex Game

Now Play your Game you’ll Notice that notice happens to T-Rex in Google game. Now Chrome Dino Hack has been Successfully done.

Hack Chrome Dino Game Speed (T Rex Game)

This is an additional trick you can do. Following the Steps above to Open the Developer Optoion.

  • Increase Dino Game Speed

You can tweak the number in the bracket 1000 to anything you wish.

  • Increase Dino T Rex Height

You can tweak the number in the bracket 35 to anything you wish.

Hack Chrome Dino Game Speed (T Rex Game)

If you have any Code you’ll like us to add drop them in the comment box it will be added for others to use. Also Feel Free to Post you High Score below.


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