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How to get Free Jumia Voucher 2022

You might be wondering what do we mean by Jumia Voucher, it uses and maybe benefits but trust me after reading this I believe you would be have a percipience on this.

What is Jumia Voucher Code?

What is Jumia?

Jumia is an online e-commerce platform where users can buy any product of the liken or even sell by applying as a vendor. Jumia is one of Africa biggest e-commerce platform with almost been in all Africa country.

What is Voucher?

According to Wikipedia, A voucher is a bond of the redeemable transaction type which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods.

Jumia Voucher codes are some kind of Redeemable Coupon Codes in general that can be use either to fully redeem an item or partially redeem for Specific reasons or specific goods.

FAQs about Jumia Voucher.

  • Voucher codes can be used only once by each customer.
  • Some vouchers are available only on the Jumia app. These vouchers cannot be used on the website.
  • Vouchers are limited in quantity. Once a voucher is used up, it is stamped with the “All Gone” badge.
  • Jumia reserves the rights to make changes to or disable a voucher without prior notice.
  • Orders made using a voucher that are deemed to be fraudulent will be cancelled by Jumia without notice.
  • Some vouchers are available only to new Jumia customers – Customers who have never shopped on Jumia before.
  • All vouchers have expiry dates.

Source – Voucher for Jumia Nigeria

How do I get a Jumia Voucher Code?

There are numerous ways of getting this voucher codes ranging from Giveaways, Playing Games and Offers.

Giveaway voucher for Jumia

You can participate in their Giveaways which happens periodically during Festive period and sometimes they decide to just give customers who hasn’t been active.

You can also participate in the Jumia Voucher of Day, Products Voucher of Jumia and Many more. Majority of their Giveaways Occurs on either their Android App or iOS App.

Playing Games – Jumia BOX Game

Jumia Box Game is a newly introduced way to get free ($10) ₦5k Jumia Voucher. All you’ve to do is play the game and hit any of the scores below and Claim your reward which can only be used on Jumia Website. Please note that before playing you’ve to be signed in and max Reward is only Once per day so do well to claim when you know you’re good.

  • Score 30 and above Get ($10) ₦5000 Voucher
  • Score 20 – 29 Get Either ₦1000 or ₦2500 Voucher

It can be accessed only on the Jumia Website or App. Just Scroll the Homepage till you see something like the screenshot below

Jumia Voucher Code
How to Play Jumia Box Game

On you Smartphone just tap the Screen or on PC Use the Space bar or right Click on your mouse. This Game is similar to the Google Chrome Rex – You can see how to hack it here. Ensure while playing the Jumia Box game you don’t touch the floor nor any object, remember to use the Controls for hopping.

Jumia BOX Game

How to redeem Jumia Voucher

As the name says “Jumia Voucher”, It can only be redeemed on the Jumia App and not Jumiapay to purchase a goods on Jumia. Any code gotten from the Jumia box Game can only used for products ₦5500 and Above.

To Redeem, Order the Goods you want and Add to Cart. Now Go and Checkout, On Payment Method you would be asked to input Coupon Code, Now enter the Jumia Voucher Code you got earlier Click Add Voucher, your total amount to be paid would be reduced by the price of the voucher now you can confirm Order.


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