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How To get a Free US Number for WhatsApp 2021

We have been getting request from our users on how to get Free US Number for WhatsApp. And we noticed many are selling this so called patched trick.

Its quite easy, By the end of the post you should be able to get yourself a number for WhatsApp easily without depending on anyone.


  • A Device (either PC, iPhone or Android)
  • A VPN ( We Recommend using WeTunnel)
  • TextNow or 2ndLine
  • WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business or Unofficial WhatsApp)
  • Patience

Steps on getting yourself a Free US Number for WhatsApp

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

You would Need a VPN App, We recommended using our VPN app Created by Internetshub Team (WeTunnel) as the server there are not public servers and they are premium and paid. You can download from Playstore || Telegram Channel || 3rd Party Site.

  • Open the WeTunnel VPN
  • Tick inbuild Server and Select any Location preferable United States
  • Click SSH and Click Direct back, If you don’t do this the App would crash.
  • Click Start and wait for it to connect
  • Precautional Step: Ensure you increase you time from 15 mins to avoid disconnection when in delicate stage
Free US Number for WhatsApp

Now your VPN is connected it would be easier to get a US Fake WhatsApp Number.

US Number App

Download either TextNow or 2ndLine, we recommend TextNow. You can download any of the App from any of the Link below. If you want to try it on your PC then go to TextNow Website and create an account.

Open the TextNow App, Click Sign Up.

NOTE: Signing Up with email and password doesn’t work for everyone but if you want to ensure you use real emails like , email domains. So we advise you click sign up with Google and you select the account you want to sign up with.

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After your Sign up, You would see some permission settings ensure you read them and understand before allowing. Now get a Number we recommend using Seattle, WA Area Code (206).

Using the Free US Number For WhatsApp

We Recommend using Mod WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp or WA Business, to avoid the number getting banned easily.

For a New Device without any Number registered before just Click Sign Up, but if you had a number before you can Change your number by going to Settings > Accounts > Change Number. You would need to input your Old Number first before the New Free US Number for WhatsApp.

You can proceed to your Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification. After inputting the US Fake WhatsApp Number, Click on Call Me you would receive a Voicemail on the App.

Play the Voicemail and write the 6 digits code said. Back to your WhatsApp, Input the Code an Boom you are now able to access WhatsApp using the number. This trick might not work for everyone.

Free US Number for WhatsApp

NOTE: We Also Sell a New Free US Number for WhatsApp Trick which is yet to be Patched, You can contact Us on Telegram or via Mail


This Article on “How To get a Free US Number for WhatsApp” works perfectly for you? Or you have any issues or complains? Let us know by leaving a Comment below we are ever ready to assist you.

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This Article is only for Educational Purposes, we Internetshub won’t be liable of misuse, you’re liable of what you do with it.


Adedayo is Medic in Training, but his Love and Passion for Tech never dies. He has been blogging for over 3 years with the sole aim to Benightment Information to the Tech illiteracy. He is also a Web Designer, Android App Developer and a WordPress Expert who have designed lots websites and still counting. WhatsApp for Businesses -
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