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How to Enable Dark Mode on Android in 2023

Back to the Dark Mode on Android, Android 9 has the first promising Android OS with this rich features and then it was quite hard to activate but in this tutorial we will talk about all.

What is Dark Mode?

Light-on-dark color scheme—also called black mode, dark mode, dark theme or night mode—is a color scheme that uses light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark background and is often discussed in terms of computer user interface design and web design.

– According to Wikipedia

Why Use Dark Mode on Android and iOS?

Using Dark Mode have the following positive effect on your eye.

  • Reduces Eye Strains
  • Increases Device Battery Life
  • Cut down blue light exposure.

The most commonly known and scientific advantage of dark mode is that it saves energy consumption on devices with OLED or AMOLED displays. On OLED panels, each pixel is individually lit. When the background is white, all the pixels are turned on and the display demands more power.

– Source Android Authority

Why you shouldn’t use Night Mode.

There is no actual scientific proof that dark mode can cause any effect on the human eye.

Enabling Dark Mode on Android

Now lets talk about the main reason for this article. The steps on activating or enabling dark mode on android. It’s quite easy by following the guide below, Phone Manufacturers have made it easy to enable dark mode on their devices.


Unlock the device if locked and Scroll the Notification Panel down. Among the Notification tiles you will see Night Mode. If you can’t find the tile try adding tiles by clicking the pencil or three dots icon and drag the Dark Mode tiles to the Active Tiles.

Enable Dark Mode On Android Notification

Now go ahead and activate. If you still can’t find the option then check out step 2.


Go to you Device Settings > Display > Dark Mode android in some devices the Night Mode android option can be found in Accessibility. If you still can’t locate the option it will be easier to just search for Dark Mode from the search bar in Settings.

Enable Night Mode On Android settings

If all still proves Abortive try step 3.


Go to your device Settings and Enable Developer Option by:

  • Go to About Phone in Settings
  • Click Software Information (Shows this in some devices)
  • Continuing Click Build Number till it show you should put your password and it shows you’re now a developer.

Now that Developer Option has been unlocked on your Android its time to enable android pie night mode because this was tested on a Android 9 Pie Device.

Scroll through the first few 10 options before Debugging, just above Demo Mode you’ll see Android Night Mode click it and enable. If you still don’t get it you can check the video below.


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