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How to Create App on Android

Do you know java or other app development programming language but due to some circumstances you don’t have a PC, with this guide on how to create app on android I believe you would be able to bring this into reality.

What is an Android IDE?

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that helps programmers develop software code efficiently. It increases developer productivity by combining capabilities such as software editing, building, testing, and packaging in an easy-to-use application.

According to Amazon Web Services

An Android IDE is on your Android OS Environment, Unlike the popular IDE of Android Studio, Visual Studio but this are only on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. This Android IDE are available only on Android and majority are on Google Playstore for download.

Examples of Android IDE

  • AIDE

AIDE is of different types due to different users Modding it to their taste, the original app can be gotten on Play Store or you can download any of the modded version depending on your taste either Koltin Support or Java only from our Team Drive.

  • Android IDE
  • Code Assist

Bought Android IDE and Code Assist are AndroidX Support unlike AIDE. The only disadvantage of this to AIDE is that you’ll need to move the Folder of the Project you’re working on to Data Storage of this App in your Phone memory provided you’ve an app you’re work before.

For this tutorial we would be using AIDE for our VPN development built on Java Programming Language.


  • Android Device
  • Active Data Bundle
  • Android IDE App

Steps to Create App on Android

I believe before wanting to create app on android you should have at least two-third of the requirements check listed. Firstly, running an IDE is data consuming so you can check our Free browsing section for cheap & Free data offers.

Download any of the AIDE Above, install and run. Like i said in my case earlier, I already have a project I’m working on before but in your case you’ll need to create a new Android or AndroidX Project. Ensure you enter the app Package Name (eg. com.internetshub) & App Name (Internetshub).

Create App on Android with AIDE

Now you can use your Java Ideas to edit codes and run different thing you need. Ensure you download build.gradle maven dependencies when needed, once this dependencies have been downloaded you can go offline and continuing create app on Android with AIDE.

Downloading Maven on AIDE

You can run your debug apps like Android Studio Virtual Device by clicking the Play icon and wait for it to compile where you need to install manually and check all you did.

Running debug app on aide


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