Glo Unlimited Browsing Tweak Using NapsternetV VPN 2021

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If you haven’t checked our last glo unlimited browsing tweak using TLS Tunnel or it didn’t work for you before it got blocked then here is another opportunity for you to enjoy another Glo Free Unlimited Browsing.

What Different is this from the TLS Glo Unlimited Browsing Tweak

The Differences is that in this we would be using a V2Ray app other than the DNS Tunnel Protocol which was quite slower. Which means using this makes it faster to surf the net at about a speed of min of 4mbps on a 4G Sim Card in a bad Glo Network Coverage Area.


  • Glo Sim
  • NapsternetV V2Ray Client
  • A min Airtime of N100 (Optional)
  • Good Network Coverage
  • An Android Device
  • PDANet (Provided you want to tether)

Steps on Activating Glo Unlimited Browsing Tweak.

Firstly, as we said earlier that we would be using a V2Ray Client NapsternetV we would need to download the app. You can either download it from Playstore || Our Telegram Channel || 3rd Party Server.

You need to download the Glo Unlimited file from any of the Links Free Server || Premium Server
Please Note : The Free Server expires in and the Premium server expires in 14 days from date of this Article.

Password is (Copy and Paste)

Launch the NapsternetV App and import the config you downloaded above remember to input the password above if asked.

Now, Click the Play icon at the bottom right corner and ensure it shows the X symbol before you test the connection. You should get something similar to this Success Handshake 125ms” anything not aligned to that message means something is wrong.

If you Glo mobile data connection doesn’t comes up its advisable to buy an airtime of N100 which gives you about 40MB free data which powers up your data connection.

Now you can start enjoying your Glo Unlimited Browsing Tweak. Unfortunately this V2Ray Client App is only available on Android device, If you are an iOS User you could check App Store for any V2Ray Client App and Let us know so we could provide a free browsing for you too.

How Can I Share This Browsing Connection?

This is the Number one question of many users, them being tired off enjoying the free internet only or wants to update PC Apps or System Update. We have made an Article hereon how do so or better still you could follow the tutorial notes written in the NapsternetV VPN on sharing using the VPN.

glo unlimited browsing tweak


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