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Free Browsing Tweak for Nigeria Glo 2020

Some days ago we posted about Glo WTF on this website and MTN free Browsing some weeks ago also. Today it’s the Free Browsing Tweak 2020 for Nigeria Glo Users.

These would be for The Glo Nigeria Users who have not been enjoying free tweak and have good internet Speed.


  • Two Nigeria Glo Sim Card
  • Good Internet Speed
  • Internet Accessible Device (both Android, iOS and even Modems and mifi would work perfectly as it s not a VPN Free browsing setting tweak.)


Subscribe to Glo Night Plan on one of the Sims. (SIM 1) by dialing *777# > Data

Share the Night plan by dialing *127*01*(Glo Number)# from the SIM 1 to SIM 2.

Turn On Data Connection on SIM 2 and Surf the Internet. Ensure you don't exhaust the Night Plan.
Or Turn off your data till 4:30am or some minutes before 5am before turning it on.

Now Start Enjoying your Free Browsing but don't turn off your data at all. Else it won't work any longer.

PRECAUTIONAL STEP: Ensure No Data in the SIM 2 before Sharing else it would be a wasted effort and data as the data you would be using would no longer be unlimited but your main data balance.


Enjoy the article and it worked perfectly for you? If Yes, then let us know. If it doesn’t work then leave a comment below in the areas you have a problem in so we can help you out. We would love to help you out.

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This Article is only For Educational Purposes and to Alert the Internet Service Provider, We (Internetshub) would not be responsible for any misuse it may cause. You can Read about our Disclaimer on this page.


Adedayo is Medic in Training, but his Love and Passion for Tech never dies. He has been blogging for over 3 years with the sole aim to Benightment Information to the Tech illiteracy. He is also a Web Designer, Android App Developer and a WordPress Expert who have designed lots websites and still counting. WhatsApp for Businesses -
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