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Free Browsing: How to Access the Internet Without Data

Good day, I feel nervous tho but today we would show you how to access the internet freely i.e Free Browsing in any part of the World you are.

In most countries of the world where data subscription is quite very expensive most especially countries in Africa, you would want to read this till the end.

Requirements For Free Browsing in your Country.

  • Any SIM card depending on the ISPs in your Country (without data).
  • WeTunnelX or WeTunnel VPN
  • Patient
  • Internet Connectivity.


To enjoy free Internet you can two different apps as started below. We would advise you use any SIM without Data. And select the corresponding Tweak and Server for your ISP and Country

Firstly, Ensure you downloaded and install both or Either WeTunnelX or WeTunnel VPN from Google Play Store. It’s advisable you don’t download from somewhere else due to Security Breaches.

WeTunnel for Free Browsing.

If you downloaded WeTunnel, Ensure you join this Telegram Channel to get the Config file provided you’re not a Professional User and don’t know how to create files.

You can download WeTunnel from either Play Store || Telegram Channel || Third Party Site

How to import Files on WeTunnel.

  • Launch the WeTunnel VPN
  • Select the Folder Icon
  • Click Import Configuration
  • Locate the Directory where the .hub file is located either Downloads, Telegram, etc

WeTunnelX for Free Browsing.

But if you downloaded the WeTunnelX, Ensure you Join our Main telegram Channel for Server an Tweak Update Notification. Thus the WeTunnelX Is an inbuilt OTA Update, meaning you get all the servers and tweak in it.

You can download WeTunnel from either Play Store || Telegram Channel || Third Party Site

Watch the video above on a Guide on how to use WeTunnelX for Free Browsing.

With the two Apps above you can always get Free Internet for free browsing cheat 2021 in any Country you are. Don’t Forget to Rate the app a 5 stars on Play Store and for complaints, Suggestions be sure to do so on our Telegram Channel.


Ensure you’ve a good Internet Connectivity when trying this apps and don’t abuse our Servers i.e No Torrent, No DDOS, No Hacking, No Mining etc. So you don’t kill the servers that powers the free Browsing Tweak.

Enjoyed our App or Have Complaints or Suggestions feel free to let us know on Any of Social Media Pages. Facebook || Twitter || Telegram || Pinterest


This Article is only for educational purpose and we won’t be liable of any misuse you may use this or misinterpretation. All article here including this is only for Educational Purposes.

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