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February Internetshub Giveaway Contest 2022

We are at it again, and this time its the February Internetshub Giveaway Contest. If you participated in our Last Month Predict & Win and Contest and you won, Congratulations to you and if you couldn’t we are so sorry about that and don’t panic because this month own is going to be a BANG

Why Internetshub Giveaway Contest?

It’s the Month of Love and in our own way we decided to give out 100k ($200) in worth of Data Bundle, Airtime, Cash, Merch (Tees) to only our Loyal Fans.

How To Win this February Internetshub Giveaway Contest.

To the Question that bothers you the most, How do you become a Winner on this February Internetshub Giveaway Contest?

  • Ensure you’re following all our Social Media Pages.
  • Tell us why you like Internetshub and why you would recommend us to your friends, also tag us and use #InternetshubGiveaway for visibility.
  • Sharing this post on Social Media Increases your chance on wining.
  • Winners would picked at Random and based on activity on our Social Media pages.

Social Media HandlesTwitter || Facebook || Instagram || Telegram || Pinterest

As said Earlier Winners would picked Randomly in our Weekly and Monthly Draw where every stands to be a winner. Winners & Gifts would be in the schedule below.

  • 5 People every Week in Our Data Draw
  • 5 People every Week in Our Airtime Draw
  • 3 People every Week in Our Cash Draw
  • 3 Internetshub Merch (Tees) in the Month Of February

Winners would be Announced on all Our Social Media Pages, so Ensure you’re following all not to miss out of this Mega February Internetshub Giveaway Contest

Finally, I wish y’all Luck in winning.


If you find this helpful and want to increase your chances on winning, don’t forget to recommend it to your friends or family by using the Share Button Below. And Also If you have any complaint, issue, or suggestion feel free to use the comment box below.

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