Factors to consider when buying a System in 2022

Irrespective of you being a huge fan of Windows or Mac; or a lover of any Brand at all, you should know what to look for in a laptop before purchasing. You may ask: what are the factors to consider when buying a System in 2022? Does it have the screen resolution you want? Are there ports that support your peripherals? Can it play games at 1080p – or higher? Well, we have carefully compiled these factors for you. Whether you want a laptop or a desktop, the factors below should help guide you in your choice.

Factors to consider when buying a System in 2022


Brand matters alot to a lot of people and for a good reason. Some brands are top notch while others are mediocre. If you are the type of user who takes pride in the brand of your gadgets, or you believe some brands are above others, this should be your major concern. If you can’t decide on what brand to pick, you can list out your needs by asking which one offers better (and sometimes longer) warranties than others.

Some brands may not have good warranty offers but they offer better software packages. It could be that the software you may be interested in buying may be offered as a bundle by a particular brand. Other brands may not have amazing software packages but their hardware specifications may be top notch. For example, Acer computers usually offer cheaper units yet their hard drive and memory capacity are still above standard.


Price matters. You may know exactly what you want but if your desired product is above your budget, you will obviously want to settle for a much lesser one. That is why Prices must be considered if you don’t have enough resources to pay for expensive ones.


Most users buy systems to be used mainly for browsing, light office and school tasks or very heavy tasks. If you are this type, then you should avoid sales pitches that touts performance. In a lot of cases, sales people in stores will offer the more expensive computers first by highlighting amazing specifications of video cards, processors, and hard drive capacity and not mention the work capacity the system can carry. Unless you are into graphics-heavy tasks like video editing, gaming, 3D professional works and such, we suggest that you avoid expensive systems.

If you know that all you want to do is browse the internet, chat with friends, or do some class assignments or little tasks, you can always save your money for other features at a later time. For those interested in playing PC games or working video tasks at home, you would want to pick the best performing computer within your budget. High performance PCs can be upgraded further at a later date to give it even more processing power, hard drive and RAM capacity. Reason you should make sure you invest in the newest available model as it could be a better choice.

Operating System

Most times, Windows Operating System is sold in different types, with the more expensive editions usually offering more features. For example, Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is being offered in four different editions: Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education. Each of these editions have different features so make sure that you do your research before purchasing. Editions with more features are obviously more expensive so unless you really need a particular feature that’s only offered in the most expensive edition, do some study in order to save cost. For example, Windows 10 Home Edition does not offer a full disk encryption feature called BitLocker so if you take hard drive security seriously, you should pick other editions.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The more RAM you can get, the better; only if you can afford it. RAM matters for users that regularly run games and other applications at the same time. If you are fond of multi tasking or jumping between applications, a higher RAM can offer a smoother performance. In most light tasks though, basic RAM may be enough.


Many average users tend to leave processor choice to whatever unit they happen to like after considering the things above. A processor is a critical computer component that can often make a rig’s performance enjoyable or annoying. For cheaper PCs having low end processors, doing light tasks as internet browsing may be okay but once a user starts loading multiple apps simultaneously, performance may begin to suffer. Having a good processor can make the difference between a computer that freezes constantly and the one that offers flawless and smooth experience. The general rule in picking up a processor is to stay in the middle, not too cheap but not too expensive as well.

Hard Drive Capacity and Speed

The decision on whether to get a 500GB or 1TB hard disc drive is often beyond an average user but we suggest that you consider it still, especially if you’re planning on saving a lot of photos or videos. Of course, the bigger the hard drive capacity is, the better but you must also be mindful of the cost.

More advanced users may be torn whether or not to get a Sata drive or SCSI drive. If you can’t decide on which hard disc to have, ask yourself what you want to do with your system. However, if you’ll be mainly using it for light tasks such as internet browsing, you may not necessarily need to have a special hard disc like an SCSI. Capacity may be important to you but only if you plan on storing big files in the future.


Now that you have gone through this list, we hope you have taken note of the different factors to consider when buying a System, which will be useful to you and help in your activities. If this post was useful to you in any way, please do well to subscribe for more updates and share to anyone else who might find it useful. Also, keep checking our website for more posts related to Factors to consider when buying a System in 2022 and follow us via our social media handles to get first-hand updates! 

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