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How to Enable Chrome Windows on Android via Split Screen

Opening two Chrome Windows on Android is on trick on Android I’m blown away with. Unfortunately, this Only works on Android 12 according to my testing but that doesn’t mean you should try it. Steps to enable this features are below.

What is Split Screen?

Split Screen or Multi-Window is a feature introduces from Android 7 Nougat to allow you use two or More Applications at the same time in the same screen, it could either be Split-Screen Mode (Windows in a side to side model either Horizontal or Vertically) or Picture-in-Picture (a window resizable over another app) also know as PIP.

Enable Chrome Windows Option

On some Chrome Version, this Option isn’t enabled by default while enabled in some other devices.

For Chrome Version not enabled follow the Steps below or update to the latest version as it’s experimental on those version.

  • Copy and paste the address chrome://flags in your address bar.
  • Search for the term “New Window”.
  • Click Show a menu item “New Window” and Enable it.
  • Also Change Instance Switcher from default to enabled.
  • Restart Chrome app by Closing and removing from recent task.
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Works on Older Version 96.0… For Newer Chrome Version the above steps won’t be available, so just ignore.

Steps to Use Chrome Windows on Android.

After following the above method for Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev it would be easier to use this windows.

  • Open Chrome and Open any webpage probably
  • Open a another webpage which makes it two now.
  • Click the 3 dots and select Move to New Windows. In cases where it doesn’t show follow the other steps below.

In Cases where you don’t see Move to New Window here’s what to do.

  • Go to Recent Apps opened after you’ve opened Chrome
  • Click the Chrome Icon and Select either Split Screen View or Pop-up View
  • Now Minimize the just Split Chrome Screen View
  • Open Chrome App again Normally from the App Drawer
  • Now you’ll get Two Chrome Windows, you can Manage Windows from menu.

Managing Chrome Windows on Android Includes adding New Windows, Deleting Current Windows and more.


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