Cowrywise: All you need to Know and Earn

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Good day once again, I notice many of you might be wondering what is Cowrywise and maybe if it’s Legit or is it a good Platform.

Don’t worry here we would explain everything you need to know and if you don’t get something you can leave a comment we would be ever ready to Explain or Treat your comment with Urgency.

What is Cowrywise?

Cowrywise Financial Technology Limited (“Cowrywise”) is a fund manager duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria.

We are building savings and investment culture among the growing population of underserved African middle class and millennials.

– According Cowrywise

Download Cowrywise from Playstore (Android) || Appstore (iOS)

Why Cowrywise?

Some of the Features that Distinguishes Cowrywise from all other Platforms are as follows.

  • Digitizing investment management for Africans and enabling access to savings and investment products securely.
  • Customer Satisfaction Obsession
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Open & Honest Communication
  • Innovation & Leadership
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Simplicity & Empathy

And Above all is you can Save and Invest Easily With you having power to customize what suites you.

How to earn in or from Cowrywise.


Cowrywise Refer
Cowrywise: All you need to Know and Earn

About 20 days ago, I and other Cowrywise Users were sent a mail about their December Referral Offer, which allows you earn #1000 for every user’s referred after some process.

The Process that must be completed are as follow.

  • Referred User must use the Referral Code while registering. (Use Our Code – ADEDA3IF)
  • After Registeration, The Referred User must fill in all information and deposit at least #500 with his or her debit Card.

To Link your Card, Click the Profile Icon and Select Payments, in the Debit Card tab click the plus icon and Add you card a charge of #100 would be deducted and deposited into your savings.

You can also watch this video posted by Cowrywise Blog to understand better.

Now the Referred User need deposit a #500 to get a free #1000 from Cowrywise to all new User and the Referral gets #1000 also only for this month.

Withdrawal of your Referral Bonuses would be done on December 31st According to Cowrywise.

NOTE – If you used our Code – ADEDA3IF while registering do well to message us on WhatsApp or Telegram to get Free Airtime from Us. Valid for a limited time.


Cowrywise Invest
Cowrywise: All you need to Know and Earn

This is another way to earn from Cowrywise. You have different fund type to invest in either Naira or Dollar Mutual Funds and yiu choose the risks you want either Moderate, Conservative or Aggressive.

It’s a good way to Gain interest in your funds because each of them has a percentage gain. I haven’t tried it before but as soon as I this article would be updated and if you have feel free to let us know the risks and benefits.


Cowrywise Savings
Cowrywise: All you need to Know and Earn

Yeah even saving your funds like other platforms you get interest for your Discipline and they’re lots of ways to save or should I say Options ranging from Regular Savings, Emergency Plans, Saving Circles, Halal Savings and Life Goals.

  • Regular Savings – Save money on your terms for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Emergency Plans – Accessible long term savings for emergencies
  • Saving Circles – Save together, plan group experiences and donations for causes that matter.
  • Halal Savings – Long term savings with no interests
  • Life Goals – Minimum period of 1 year. Long-term savings for life’s important goals.

How do I Withdraw my Funds from Cowrywise?

There’s Something Called Stash. Let’s look at the function of the Stash.

What is Cowrywise Stash?

Stash is like your Bank Account. This is where all deposits made through USSD or Transfer are made to or any withdrawal from Savings or Investment are deposited to.

From your Stash you can Withdrawal to any Account Or even Send to a Cowrywise User for Free.

Cowrywise Stash
Cowrywise: All you need to Know and Earn


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