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All MTN USSD Codes of 2022 (Nigeria)

Today we would be showing you how to get the best of your MTN Sim Card by using the basic MTN USSD Codes we have put out for you. Please note that this article will be updated from time to time, so always make sure you’re up-to-date.


  • MTN Sim Card
  • A Device – Android, iOS or Java

MTN USSD Codes that you can always use.

Check your MTN Number using MTN USSD Codes

Checking your MTN Phone Number has never been so easy, even if you’ve lost your sim pack or you need to put your phone number down somewhere all you have to do is dial the Check my Number MTN USSD Codes which are – *123*1*1# or *663# and you would get a pop-up prompt and a message including your phone number.

MTN Data Activation

To buy MTN Data comes with ease as far as you can remember the MTN Magic Number *131# or *121# for Cheap data Offer and Proceed by Following the on-Screen Prompt.

Check MTN Data Balance using MTN USSD Codes

You Purchased MTN Data using the MTN Data Activation Code? Want to know how many Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB) left? Simply just dial *131*4# or *559# and you would get the current data balance left.

MTN Airtime Balance

Want to make a call? Don’t know how much airtime remaining? Easy. With *556#, you will be able to get a direct message on the available airtime plus other bonuses available.

MTN Airtime Balance

Borrow Airtime/Data

Experiencing insufficient airtime to make an urgent call? Out of cash to buy? Have no money in your bank account? Well, you’re in luck because with *606#, you can be able to borrow Airtime up to #2000 in just 1 minute.

Airtime Transfer using USSD

Transferring airtime to a loved one has been made easy. Because with *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#, you can transfer any Amount of airtime to anyone in your comfort zone with absolutely no stress at all.

Buy airtime from your Bank on MTN

Buying airtime has just been made easy. *904# or *904*Amount# saves you the stress of going to your bank app just to buy airtime. This also helps if you eventually run out of data to assess your app.

Buy airtime from your Bank on MTN

MTN Data Bonus Balance Code

MTN offers Data Bonuses when you recharge your line and it differs via plan. To check the amount of Data given to you, simply dial *559*63# which shows you exactly the amount of Data you were offered.

MTN Customer Care

Dial 180 from an MTN line. Also you can reach out to MTN customer representative via 08031000180 from other networks.

MTN USSD Code for Roaming

Just dial *123*4#. However, to enjoy data roaming, go to settings and turn on your ‘data roaming’. Set phone on 3G or 4G where applicable.

MTN International Call Balance Code

To know your Balance to make a call outside Nigeria, simply dial *559*7#. If your prepaid plan doesn’t include it, you’ll be told that you do not have an active bundle.

MTN Awuf Balance

To know your Awuf4U Bonus airtime Balance which allows you to make calls to any network, You can simply Dial *559*14# which is the MTN USSD Codes. It’ll promptly show you your Balance as well as send you a message for reference purposes. This plan mostly works on Betatalk.

MTN Awuf Balance USSD Codes

MTN Showmax Subscription USSD Code

To know your MTN Showmax Balance, simply dial *131*8*4#. MTN Showmax Package is for those who want to watch movies and don’t want to spend more on Data Bundle so you could get a cheaper data for a cheaper price.

Activate MTN Vistors Sim USSD Code

MTN Visitor’s Sim is a tariff plan available to only foreigners and visitors during their short stay in Nigeria. There are 2 packages associated with this plan.

  • The first is 7 Days Special Visitor’s Bundle, which is #5,000. The MTN USSD codes to activate this is *131*90#.
  • The second is 14 Days Special Visitor’s Bundle, which is #10,000. The MTN USSD code to activate this is *131*91#.
Activate MTN Vistors Sim USSD Code

MTN Night Plan:

To activate this plan, simply dial *406*3#. Note that the User must have been on the MTN Pulse Tarrif Plan. If they aren’t, they can join by dialing *406#.

MTN MPulse.

MTN mPulse is another tariff plan for majorly for Children who don’t use data for heavy download except using Google Search, Google Playstore & Some e-Learning MTN Websites. You can read more on it here

The USSD Codes includes

  • *344*1# – To Migrate
  • *344*2# or *344*2*1# – To Buy their Data Bundle
  • *344*2# or *344*2*2# – To Check Data Bundle remaining
  • *344# – mPulse USSD Menu

Conclusion on MTN USSD Codes.

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