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Airtel Socials Free Browsing 2020

Welcome to Our New blog, Today I’ll briefly post this article on Airtel Socials Free Browsing. (Updated 22/05)

Tho this post has been Posted on Our Some weeks back on Our Forum but we updating some information which where lost and updating the config file to a 1 year Configuration file to save the stress of updating and downloading different ehi Config Files.

Let’s Get Straight to business.

How do I configure this Airtel Socials Free Browsing?

Everything will be explained here. As well all know it’s Airtel Socials Free Browsing so will need the various stuffs below.

  • Airtel NG Sim Card (2G/3G/4G) depending on how fast.
  • An Active Airtel Social Media Bundle Subscription which are in two phases.
    • The ₦300 for 600MB (Dial *688*1#)(All Socials Plan), and
    • The ₦100 for 500MB (Only WhatsApp and Facebook) (*141*104#). You could subscribe as much times as wishes.
  • But Unfortunately the ₦100 for 500MB Is not available for everyone but most of the Sims are eligible.
  • After you Bought Your Preferred Choice of Data you could head over to the Steps Below.
  • Download http injector App From Playstore or From our Files Hosting Services (shorten links are enabled as revenue for our site).
  • Download The Airtel Socials .ehi file from the link below (Server is USA 🇺🇲) if you want other servers leave a comment of the server.
  • Ensure to check this page 3 days before the expiry date for new files

Note that Config files have been updated to an open SSH server, so you could change it for fast internet speed & no disconnection

(All Servers are Fast). (Shorten Links might be enabled for the above files).


We have made a Comprehensive Article on this check it Here

If You Don’t know how to Import a Configuration file on http injector kindly take a look at the video below.
How To Import .ehi files on http injector

If you done with importing then Click the Start button on The Http injector app provided you have subscribed for one of the Social Media Bundle.

If it Connects and Works you will get a Connected Message in the log like in the screenshot below then you free Surf using your Airtel Socials Free Browsing Tweak.

IMG 20200419 100936 142
A Screenshot from one of our tester Team.

Hopes you had it Right. Feel free to Leave a Comment if lost.

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