About Us

Internetshub is an Online News/Blog website.


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Internetshub seeks to help pass information to the Benighted in the aspects of Technology and Related by knowledging and passing information to them.

We are dedicated to providing First Class and Valuable information to you and I.


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We are a mini society of Authors and Experts in the aspects of Technology and Related aspects with the aim of providing knowledge to all who seeks one.


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Internetshub has come from a long way and was Founded in the November 2018 (where it started as Internetshub.com.ng, then wetech247.com) with our main focus on intellecting all end-users. Internetshub was started as a one-man Community with the interest and passion of writing and educating knowledgeable information and with the Hope of Becoming a Giant in our Field.


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  • Accredibility & Dependability.
  • Commitment.
  • Innovation.
  • Positivity.
  • Services to Others.
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