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I don’t know why it’s been taking me time to release this 9mobile Social Free Browsing Tweak. Anytime I make up my mind I begin to slack. (Last Updated 22/05)

So we all know this already it’s for The Nigerians again. Seems we Nigerians are benefitting a lot.

Not to waste your time which is precious & Your data let’s go ahead.


  • A 9mobile SIM Card 3G/4G
  • A Top-up Card of about ₦350
  • Http injector app (Download here)
  • Http injector file which will be provided later on by us.

This Social Pak Cheat is approximately 3GB with just ₦350 just read on to understand better


  • Firstly we all know it’s 9mobile (formerly Etisalat) so we top-up card of ₦350
  • Now Subscribe to their Social bundle pak by dialling *200# (then 3, then 2, then 2 again) which gives 2.5gb + 500MB (Which is hidden)
  • Now you will launch the http injector app and Import the config files. (Steps below)

You will notice that with the files you will use approximately 3GB in total.

Ensure You Use the 2.5GB File First before using the 500MB


Download the files below. Valid for a Month. Ensure you come back to this page 3 days before expiry date for updated files.

This new files are now open SSH (means you can change SSH server for faster speed). Ensure if creating new SSH use SSH SSL/TLS Server.

If you don’t know how to Import Config files click here for full Guide. Also if you want to share internet connectivity with other devices click here to see how.

Hope y’all enjoy this iceberg ❤️.

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