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5 Reasons why you should use WeTunnel App

There may be many VPN available for your use in the internet, but hardly will you come across one with as many features as WeTunnel. So, this article will be pointing out 5 reasons why you should use WeTunnel App in 2022.

While you may have downloaded the VPN previously and what you see does not intruige you, the latest update to the VPN is very astonishing. This is not to sound as an exagerration, there are convinenetly more than 5 major features on the VPN.

Before we dive into the details, lets look into the background of what WeTunnel is.

What is WeTunnel?

WeTunnel is an Android VPN (Virtual Private Network) app that allows you surf the internet anonymously & secured with the different location setup in the app. It also helps you access blocked contents due to country restriction or probably an IP Restriction.

Major Reasons to use WeTunnel App


There is no service on the WeTunnel VPN that is limited to free users. All services as much as they may be is free. Most VPNs who offer high quality service as this are eventually tempted to charge their customers. So, for what its what, we offer basic VPN services for free on WeTunnel.


Another reason to use WeTunnel is the ability to check your browsing speed on the app. This is very important expecially when you are unsure of the internet strenght of the host you are using and more so, the network converage of the area you are browsing from.

With just one click, you can check the internet speed of your connection.

The screenshots above shows how to test your internet speed on WeTunnel.


Another important feature of WeTunnel that make it superceeds it peers, is the ability of the VPN to check for the IP of each device at any given time. Furthermore, the VPN can also change the IP address of your device. This ability can make your device virtually Invisible on the internet. All these is possible on WeTunnel.


While you might not be familiar with what SLOW DNS mean, i must tell you that it is a very good feature to have. Its just basically another protocol to free browsing but might be very slow.

This is applicable when you are dealing with a particular domain. For instance, assuming we have a domain address in the form Google DNS-, all you have to do on Wetunnel is to select your desired server and connect.

This service is as premium as you can get, but on WeTunnel, it is FREE


Last but not the least on our Major features is the ability of WeTunnel to check host address of a given configuration file.

It is undeniable that this VPN is multi-purpose. Now the ability of it to check the host of a connection is very valuable to developers who wishes to develop connections with similar hosts.


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